Tiergarten and Victory Column

Berlin’s Tiergarten spans approximately 200 hectares and is located right next to the Brandenburg Gate apartments. It is the city’s green oasis, offers a place for our visitors to rest and relax and is a popular spot for sport-lovers, too. It is home to an array of sights, such as the Victory Column.

By the end of World War Two, the Tiergarten had been almost totally destroyed, its trees felled for use as firewood. It was reforested in 1949, primarily with trees donated from other German cities.

During a daytime walk, visitors can take in such sights as the Office of the Federal President, Schloss Bellevue, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, the Soviet War Memorial and the Victory Column. The English Garden is one of the most beautiful spots in the Tiergarten and features a large pond at its heart. The southern portion is home to the Neue See lake, with the Cafe am Neuen See (and its large terrace) located in an idyllic position on its shore. The Luiseninsel and the Memorial to the German Resistance are also to be found here.

The Victory Column, stretching 69 metres into the sky, is situated within the Tiergarten. This very popular attraction is one of Berlin’s landmarks. While it actually symbolises Germany’s victories over other nations, it has also become famous the world over thanks to the Love Parade. Viewing it from ground level is spectacular enough, but you can also walk up the Victory Column and gaze over the city from above. A viewing platform is located right underneath the golden angel (known as the ‘Goldelse’ to Berlin locals): from here, you can enjoy a stunning view of the Tiergarten and Schloss Bellevue.

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